• The national funeral chains began to focus on marketing pre-arranged funerals. This practice became much easier where the chains could gain access to local cemetery records to get the names and addresses of plot owners. Claiming to update plot records access could easily be gained to plot owner’s households where then commissioned sales people could try to sell the survivors pre-paid funerals.
  • Sophisticated consolidator funeral chain lobbies were also able to shape much of the ensuing funeral regulations in the 42 states and eight provinces allowing funeral homes in cemeteries.
  • The FFA was formed as an ad-hoc group founded to promote consumer advocacy and public education, began working with caregivers to educate the public and build support for opposing bad laws.

1960’s and 70’s

Funeral consolidation began to take shape as several aggressive consolidators began
a buying spree of family owned funeral homes in the US and abroad, capturing 20% of the North American market by the late 1990’s.