Welcome to the Partners In Care Alliance (PICA) Society.
An association formed by ‘end-of-life’ caregivers, to provide advocacy and education, while protecting essential options, on behalf of our grieving citizens.

Our campaign has attracted quite a number of concerned partners, governed by our Ethical Code, willing to better serve their communities.


PICA advocates for, educates, and protects our grieving citizens. Hospices that join PICA are able to offer all of their staff, volunteers, Boards and members, all of the benefits listed in our Hospice Benefit Section.

Family Funeral Homes

Funeral homes that join PICA and its Cooperative are able to offer all of their local hospices access to their facilities, for their AGM’s, volunteer appreciation events, and educational seminars, all of which PICA can help organize.


Churches that join PICA are able to access special discounts through our PICA Cooperative members and host events to educate their communities regarding end of life care issues.

Our network provides caregivers and communities alike with vital information and consumer advocacy in support of ethical practices and, where necessary, reform of regulation of funeral and cemetery goods and services. A healthy and informed regulatory environment in the care of one of society’s most vulnerable consumers can no longer be considered a luxury. It must now be considered absolutely essential in the provision of genuine care.

If you happen to be someone that is asked for referrals to end-of-life-care professionals by the people you serve, being informed is the first step to establishing a sound ethical system and PICA is here to help.