Code of Conduct

PICA’s Guiding Questions

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

* PICA applies the Rotary International 4 Way Test, framing
all of our interactions between the public and suppliers.

Code of Ethics

The PICA Code of Ethical Funeral and Cemetery Practice was drafted by a coalition of experts in the field and its purpose is to set a standard of care for maximum protection of human dignity.

* This Code of Ethics along with its Guiding Principles can and will be applied to other professions in collaboration with experts in each field.

Partners In Care Alliance’s Ethical Code of Funeral and Cemetery Practice

We assure you that in your time in of need, all PICA Cooperative organizations subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:

    1. If you’ve suffered a loss, you will only be served by professionals not commissioned sales people.
    2. Our subscribers are held to a high professional standard and take responsibility for all of our actions.

    3. Our costs for goods and services are clear and easy to understand.
    4. You won’t receive unsolicited visits or phone calls selling goods or services.
    5. And you will understand how your money is allocated, and protected if paying for goods  services in advance.
    6. That abusive and unethical practices should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 
    7. Tying the sale of funeral services to the sale of an interment space (‘tied-selling’) is a crime.
    8. And that ‘green’ funeral, burial and cremation options * should be available to the public. 
    9. Water cremation (ecomation) burns 5% of the energy of flame cremation, while leaving no carbon footprint.

* North America is the only continent on earth (except Australia sometimes), that withholds the right to re-use plots later generations (25-40 years later).